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I do not trust the media or politicians

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Saturday, 27 Nov 2021, 13:54

There are reports of footballers and athletes collapsing from myocarditis on the field and going to hospital, all quite close together in a short period of time, one cannot help but wonder if it is something to do with these COVID vaccines?

I also disagree with the decision to vax kids with experimental COVID vaccines, as the chances of getting myocarditis from the vaccines are much greater in young people, and the virus hardly touches young people anyway, they get it very mild and sail through it. These COVID vaccines don't stop one from catching and transmitting COVID, so I don't understand why the government is planning to vax children as young as 5 years old. Something doesn't feel right and I again feel the need to speak out about it, as the mainstream media is full of misinformation and as it has done repeatedly in the past over other things (such as the Iraq invasion, the Hillsborough tragedy and the blatant lies about and character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn being just a few examples), it has a track record of misleading people into believing things that aren't true to support the government's agenda.

 I have a heart murmur, and as these vaccines do carry a risk of developng myocarditis I don't feel comfortable injecting experimental MRNA technology into my arm. Because if something does go wrong noone can help me, or (like what happened to someone locally who had an adverse reaction to the vaccine) the doctors and nurses will fob me off and tell me it is nothing to do with the vaccine. There is this vibe now in society that nobody is allowed to criticize the vaccines at all, and anyone who does so is ostracised and made to feel bad. Things are way too biased at the moment and I don't trust it at all when things get like that.

Besides, I think I may already have had COVID (twice), so does a doctor I saw when I described the symptoms, but I never got tested because it was early in the pandemic during the first lockdown and there were no tests available at the time, so I may already have natural immunity which research is showing is much better than a vaccine. See what is happening in India where it has become endemic and the virus has stopped spreading and mutating due to natural immunity.

There is also strong evidence showing asthma sprays are able to prevent one getting severe COVID as well as vitamin C, Zinc and vitamin D3. The treatments and medical knowledge about COVID is also much better now than at  the beginning of the pandemic. 

And by the way I am not anti-vax or a conspiracy theorist, I have had vaccines in the past, and I believe the tetanus jab saved my life. I just do not feel comfortable with being coerced into having a new experimental technology injected in me that nobody can possibly know what the long-term effects on my health might be.

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Judith McLean

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Hi Richie

I have had both jabs against my better judgement but I went along with it. 

I have declined my booster and flu jabs. 

Children are being used to save the vulnerable and elderly. We were told at the beginning they did not need to be vaccinated. 

They also said if a woman was pregnant or planning to become pregnant not to have the jab. However, my daughter is now expecting her first baby and did not have her vaccination but now pregnant woman are practically being forced by the midwives to take up the vaccine. She has refused. 



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If the vaccines don't stop one transmitting the virus, and the viral load in a vaccinated person is similar to an unvaccinated person, how does being vaccinated protect the vulnerable and elderly? The kids will still transmit the virus whether they are vaccinated or not. I don't get it, makes no sense to me. I don't think they should be risking kids health like this. It is not right imho.

Judith McLean

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You are correct. They say this vaccine is safe though I’m not so sure.  Children should be left alone. 

I am not anti vax but you should be able to decide for yourself if you wish to be vaccinated  



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I agree Judith. And I think your daughter is wise not to risk it while preganant, I have heard reports of pregant women who were vaccinated suddenly having a miscarriage, whether it is the vaccine's fault or not I don't know, but I think it might be wise to not risk it just in case. But it is up to everyone what they do, and it should always be a person's choice whether they have a vaccine or not, I don't believe in making them mandatory. I also dislike the strong bias in the media and the censorship that's happening. It very much seems to be a one-sided debate, and anyone who disagrees is made to feel ashamed and ostrasized, which makes me feel suspicous. I also disagree with the vaccine passports, they are just creating a two-tier society and pressurising people both young and old to perhaps have the jab when they're not sure about it. I don't like all this coercion, I think that is one of the reasons I chose to write about it here, even though I am slightly afraid to do so.

All the best to you, take care.


Too inject or not to inject?

I have an opposite view in that when my daughter was born in 1978 I had a choice of her getting the baby jabs we now all take for granted. 

She was born with a hole in the heart or heart murmur, stayed a long time in Bristol Hospital and after being operated on was left with a scar down her chest that I always felt guilty about for allowing her to have the operation at all. My cousin on my dad's side died at 1-year old from the same condition and my cousin on my mum's side lived with no operation but was treated as an invalid for a very long time by her mother. Not being allowed to play games or dance. She envied me my freedom to do all the things she was not allowed to do. I digress, my Doctor told me that I needed to give my daughter her injections because at the time she would not have survived if she had caught a disease. So you see the dilemma, she had her injections and survived. I did not treat her like an invalid like my cousin and she is the strongest professional dancer, choreographer and teacher I know.

 Her father almost died at 10 days old so they christened him just in case, and what do you know, here he is at 80 years of age my rock, and still a Foster Carer, with me at nearly 70, still eager to study and living the dream of being a Student at last!!!

We all have a journey, it is up to us which ones we take. Don't be told what to do, that is your choice alone.