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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021, 18:03

When a friend went to get her jab, she was given a medical consent form to sign, which had a box she had to tick saying she understood that the vaccine was an experimental medical procedure and if there are any adverse effects, neither the people administering the jab, nor anyone else will be held liable for any damage caused.  

So basically, if one does have an adverse reaction, which many people have (check out the data on the yellow card scheme), one is on their own, with no compensation and no-one who can be held accountable for any injury caused by the vaccine. 

So I think people are well within their rights to refuse these experimental COVID vaccines and shouldn't be made to feel bad for declining. All this mass pressure and coercion to get vaxxed is wrong. 

The new COVID variant: Omicron, which sounds like a transformer, (maybe it's a decepticon). The scientist credited with discovering it Dr. Angelique Coetzeep was speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio about omicron, and said:

“Patients I’ve seen with it had mild symptoms and recovered. None were admitted and no oxygen was needed. The hype makes no sense to me at all.”

So why are the media and government hyping it up?

Is there something fishy going on? If I question it, I just get labelled a conspiracy theorist, ridiculed or made to feel bad for practising some critical thinking. 

Bad governments like to have a war on something, it is a classic way to distract the people, used throughout history.

 By choosing to be unvaccinated I am harming noone. And if I do get seriously ill from catching COVID I will accept it, I won't put any pressure on the NHS and won't go to the hospital for treatment. And if I die I won't feel any regret for declining the jab, I have done nothing wrong, it is my choice. I am not a bad person for doing this.

 I am no threat at all. 

The vaccine does not stop a person catching or transmitting the virus. These vaccines only protect the person who has been vaccinated not anybody else. The viral load for a vaccinated person is pretty much the same as the viral load for someone who is unvaccinated. Being vaccinated does not stop the spread of the virus or protect those who are vulnerable, (other people can still catch COVID off you, even if you're triple-vaxxed). There is absolutely no need to vaccinate everyone, especially young people who get COVID mild. In fact children are at greater risk of harm from the vaccine than from the virus. It makes no sense to me, it is very strange and illogical, and the media is full of double-speak and misinformation at the moment. 

I also heard on the radio that many people in care homes have died, something that isn't been talked about much. They didn't say what the cause of death was but hinted it could be due to lack of staff.

Maybe there's not much use to writing my thoughts on this. I have no power to change what is happening in the world, it is outside my control. And I certainly don't want to divide people with my words, just merely offer my thoughts for whatever they're worth. The only control I have really is the choices I make for myself. We will all have to wait and see how this plays out in the end - time will tell.

 All my Buddhist friends have been fully-vaccinated, and they don't agree with my stance but they also don't judge me. 

It can be lonely being someone who stands on the edge and doesn't follow the herd. But sometimes I think people like that are necessary.

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Wendy Susan Hartnell

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I didn't have to sign anything at all!  I gather though there is a hoax email doing the rounds with claims that the vaccine is "experimental".


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Every medical procedure on the NHS I have ever undergone has required me to sign a consent form. Maybe things are different here than where you are.

The vaccine is definitely experimental, that isn't a hoax. Everyone getting vaxxed is a human guinea pig taking part in phase 3 clinical trials. Also these are not vaccines in the conventional sense, they are using new technology that has never been used in vaccines before. Such as MRNA or a genetically-modified virus. 

Wendy Susan Hartnell

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I really don't recall signing anything - I may have been asked verbally if I gave consent, but there was certainly nothing like the form your friend described.

What I wanted to warn people about was a hoax consent form sent to schools which echoes what your friend told you.  Article here which fact checks that form:


Clearly everyone makes their own decision on having the vaccine but I would be upset to think people were taking decisions based on misinformation.


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Thanks for sharing Wendy.

My friend definitely wasn't making it up and it wasn't hoax. The form was handed to her to sign at the local health centre while she was waiting her turn for the jab. She did say however, that most people just ticked and signed the form without reading it properly. She is emphatic that it definitely stated it was an experimental medical procedure and had to tick a box stating she understood that noone would be held liable for any injury caused by the vaccine.

She got the the Pfizer jab.