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Gonna give hemp buds a go

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Thursday, 16 Dec 2021, 20:29

Fuck it it is too risky buying regular cannabis online, too many scams out there, and I don't want to risk it.

Going to try hemp flowers out of desperation, problem is they don't have much THC (less than 0.02%), they just have high levels of CBD, but at least the supplier seems trustworthy, and it is a natural product, with buds and resins, plus there will be the other cannabinoids in them that are beneficial. Their squidgy black product looks interesting.

I'll give it a go anyway, I have tried the CBD oil products and teabags and they were shit, didn't do nothing, so I am going to try buying the buds and hash made from hemp flowers which have much higher levels of CBD in than the health shop tat. See if that helps, I fucking hope so.

Don't worry it is all legal in the UK. You are allowed to buy CBD products but only if the THC is below 0.02% lol. Fucking nanny state eh? It's bullshit as well with all the alcohol, it makes no sense that the most harmful drug of all (alcohol) is perfectly legal and destroys far more lives than all the other drugs put together. I also fricking hate seeing alcohol adverts, it feels like Mara trying to tempt me and make me fall. Grrr


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