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Hello darkness my old friend

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021, 10:35

keep waking up at 4am and not being able to go back to sleep again. Just lying there staring at the darkness. 

I don't judge the vaxxed.

 I just don't trust the governments, media or pharmaceutical companies. And I am annoyed with the media calling for the unvaxxed to be punished and the talk of mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports. It is all unnecessary and illogical. The jabs just protect the one who is jabbed and don't stop transmission of the virus. And the hospitals are not overrun by unvaccinated patients. Also there are now much better treatments for severe COVID than at the beginning of the pandemic, which makes the vaccines more irrelevant. I read an academic article that said using asthma sprays can prevent severe COVID, and so can supplements of vitamin D and zinc. As well as opening one's window regularly for at least 20 minutes a day to suck out all the virus particles, as the viral load in the air grows indoors which is why we get so sick in the winter with cold and flu viruses. 

I don't understand why they are being so pushy with these jabs? Something feels off about it. Especially when the pharmaceutical industry is making so much money from these jabs. I don't trust it when someone somewhere is making large amounts of money.

It is the government who is to blame, (not the unvaccinated,) for the current state of the NHS after years of austerity and deliberately and systematically weakening it. The Tories loathe the idea of free healthcare and want it to collapse under pressure so they can open the door to privatisation. They've been planning that for years.

I do not want to play a game of chance with an experimental medical procedure, these new COVID vaccines have killed people and caused adverse effects in others. However much we would like to brush that inconvenient fact under the carpet. (See the yellow card reporting scheme). There is a real risk of death or injury from these vaccines, and looking at the data, more so than the regular vaccines we have been using for decades. I think there's a good reason why vaccines take twelve years before they are approved as safe to use. It is the only way to know for sure what the long-term health effects of them are.

The idea of mandatory vaccines and punishing those who refuse them gives me the creeps and feels dystopian. It opens the door to governments and pharmaceutical companies being allowed to inject us with all sorts of experimental shit in the future. And there's also the danger they will add something to the vaccines to make us easier to control, perhaps make us more docile and obedient like robots, and I wouldn't put it past them to do that  either.

People's right to refuse a medical procedure should be protected. It is part of the Geneva convention on Human rights, created after the horrific medical procedures performed by the Nazis. This right is there to protect people from something like that ever happening again. 

That's why I am writing about this. Else I would have just remained silent. 

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Judith McLean

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Israel are thinking about roling out a fourth jab.  How many are they going to insist people have.

I am now getting text mesages from Test Protect to get the booster.  I opted out from the booster and flu jab but they are still contacting me..



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That must be annoying. Is there anyway to unsubscribe from or block their texts.

I wonder how many boosters people will have to have in the end. I guess they will be saying next year that only the quad-jabbed can get a vaccine passport. It all feels like madness to me. Like a cross between the Twilight Zone, DR. Who, the X-files, 1984, Brave new world and Quantum leap just now. 

Many friends are giving me slack about not getting vaxxed and the stuff I have written about it all. They all think I am a bit crazy not getting vaxxed, and joked that the unpleasant side effects from the booster was a sign that the mind control devices are setting in. 

I don't think Israel is being sensible, giving another booster so soon after the third. I have a bad feeling all this isn't going to end well. I really hope to God that my feelings are wrong on this. Most of my friends and some members of my family have all had their third jab now. Many were complaining after saying they felt more Ill from the vaccine than they did when they had caught COVID. I tried to tell them if they have already had COVID they really didn't need the booster, as natural immunity is much better and more adaptable and longer lasting than any vaccine. But everyone just thinks I have been brainwashed by conspiracy theories, they all that the boosters are necessary, and don't seem to believe me when I tell that Omicron is mild and we should let it go endemic, as that would be better than constantly relying on boosters. But they just give me more flack lol, using the grey alien 👽 emoticon to tease me. I don't mind though I am fairly good-natured or try to be. I just hope that nothing bad does happen to any of them. It will be a lonely world without them, I will miss them all terribly.