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Hugh Cecil on authors of the First World War

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In 1996 Prof. Hugh Cecil of Leeds University completed his magnus opus on the fiction written about the First World War by those who were there. He reviewed 12 books by 12 authors, and along the way mentioned many others. I have reviewed this and am now, one by one, acquiring and reading each of the books. 

I have just completed my second reading of 'Way of Revelation' by Wilfred Ewart. I feel I was transported to the sites and sounds of London and the Western Front between the summer of 1914 and late autumn of 1919, from the 'London Season' to the 'Victory Ball'.

I can think of no better insight into what it was like. 

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I  take it that you have not read  the good soldier Sevijk and his fortunes in the world war, then.A sick man has a miracle cure at just the wrong time; the start of the first world war! He is armed with something that we all should have, a sense of humour.

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I certainly like the sound of 'The good soldier Sevijk and his fortunes in the world war' and will add it to my library of 450+ books on WWI and the 45+ or more that i've owned for over a year and am yet to read. Based on my current practice I will read, and read around one book a month - and review it for The Western Front Association website. 'The Way of Revelation' by Wilfred Ewart has had me read two additional books 'The Life and Last Words of Wilfred Ewart' by his friends Stephen Graham and Ewart's unpublished notes for the Scots Guards he was in the process of writing when he was killed on New Year's Eve 1922 (Or New Year's Day 1923). 

If you would like to review 'The good soldier Sevijk' for the WFA I will publish it - I'm their Digital Editor.