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Our garden has a brick planeter, a bit like a wishing well with no well. It was overgrown when we moved here and we never did anything with it until about four years back, when we planted some lavender and a tine holly tree.

Neither exactly thrived, so we decided to redevelop the site. Lavender and holly have been replanted, we hope in a better spot, and we've put in new plants, fewer, but with a more consious design.

The central plant is a quince.This one is ornamental (I think people call these Japonica) but edible quices are a fruit related to apple and pears, and once eaten widely in this country; now unusual and hard to obtain here, although still common in some othe European countries. If you'd like a recipe for baked quince, just ask in the comments.

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Hi Richard,

Like your photograph ! We like quince with cheese a perfect combination of fruit and cheese. I think you can still buy it, but only in select cheese shops. You are right it is quite difficult to obtain. Your recipe sounds lovely.

Best wishes 


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I haven't had any quince since last Christmas!