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After two years it has finally got me. This is despite teaching in a busy FE College in the first 18 months, though probably a consequence of engagement with large groups of swimmers at the swimming club three times a week. 

I've had so many tests to date, all negative, that I have come to brush off symptoms as 'allergies' or a 'cold'. This time I wasn't satisfied with the Lateral Flow Test so got myself booked in for one of the last 'free' PCR tests. And here I have it; 24 hours later. 

Being the kind of person who follows guidelines as well as rules I'll be at home for a week and have cancelled everything. No brain-fog, no loss of appetite, just a headache I thought I could 'cure' with a stiff cup of coffee and an inclination to 'nap' every four or five hours.

I'm sure others have had it far worse. We're now following the guidelines by wearing masks (FP2 standard) at home, keeping windows open, washing hands and staying apart - like students who aren't getting along we take it in turns in the kitchen and use separate bathrooms.

I'm not stretching my head too much: there are some routine tasks I can get on with, mundane proofreading for example. I'll leave reading books for review to another day. 

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Hi Jonathan,

I hope you soon get better. 🙂

Best wishes 


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Thanks! Day 14 and I am STILL getting a positive test, though I've had no fatigue at all since Saturday and only have the slightest of coughs. Onwards!