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A Wild Garden- My Rose Garden

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 8 Feb 2024, 18:47

A Rose Garden

I love roses and have a patch near the door where I grow them red, white and pink roses. I also have climbing roses. A lot of people have said my back garden looks like a jungle! Some people have even offered to cut it for me, but I just want to leave it as it is,  wild for as long as possible, just to attract many insects and birds.

Why does everyone have to have a manicured lawn like a tennis court ! I think it is all about keeping up appearances, although having said that, if the trees start falling down around me, I might take action !
We have lots of birds and the flowers and the shrubs encourage insects, so it is good for the environment. I now have a mini rose garden near the back door, there I have placed a wooden bench, where I can sit and smell the perfume of the roses.
The roses really are magnificent this year!

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Judith McLean

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Hi Gill

I have a very long garden and left a strip the full length to grow wild and I have sown wild flower seeds 

Don’t change your garden


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Hi Judith Thanks, your garden sounds lovely too.

Best wishes 



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So glad! Mine is the same! I wonder what to do about it, but I like the wild flowers that appear in the meadow grass(long, uncut grass😂). So glad to read that I’m not the only one! My garden is very wild.

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Hi Jessica,

That's good that you leave your grass to grow,  even if it just a month or so, this gives time for the insects and flowers to thrive.