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I never saw this until today, but it seems to have been going the rounds for some years and generated a lot of discussion. Googling the first phrase gets over 2 million hits.

A man buys a horse for £60 and sells it for £70. He then repurchases for £80, and sells it for £90.

Has he gained or lost, if so by how much? Or has he broken even?

Sometimes it’s a goat or a pig etc.

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If I think of the man with an initial amount of £200. He spends £60 which leaves him with £140 (and a horse😀). He sells it for £70 which leaves him with £210. He buys it back for £80 which leaves him with £130. He sells it for £90 which leaves him with £220. He has therefore gained £20.


Judith McLean

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Maths is not my strong point but I think he breaks even 🙈


SXR103 chemistry is fun (2008) :-)

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It hasn't taken into account the cost of feeding, stabling, farrier, veterinary, insurance, tack, etc. for the horse.  So looking at just the cash, he is £20 up.  But that wouldn't cover the expenses and he could have lost a lot in the long run, especially as he ends up with no horse.