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Happy Jubilee! 👑

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 15 Oct 2023, 17:58

Sadly the weather was very cold and overcast for the Queen's platinum jubilee. However the sun made just a brief appearance.🌞 and it didn't rain!

 There were some family's having a picnic in the park as I walked past, the Celebrations were centered mostly around the main Park here in our little village. A lot of young families were out with their children for a walk around the park, so it was a bit busier than it usually is. Music was playing from speakers and lots of buntings and flags around.

Some people were sitting in their gardens near the park, despite the cold weather!  having a Jubilee tea with some cucumber  sandwiches, pies, cakes and trifle.  People have really got into the spirit of the Jubilee celebration. But I think it is the children who are really enjoying the occaison!

I noticed that we have some new benches and planters on the market place, so that will cheer the place up a little bit. The new jubilee  benches have just been placed just near the ice cream parlour which is handy!

It will be good to sit there in the summer, but hopefully with less traffic about. I wish the Market place was more quiet and people would park their cars out of the market place. There are two big car parks just nearby so I don't know why they don't park there? The council should provide some free parking days? 

I am off indoors now,  to have an afternoon Jubilee tea with a trifle!
   ☕ 🌮🥪 🍨🥂                    👑
Happy holiday!

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Judith McLean

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Hi Gill

We had a lovely day yesterdy up here in the Scottish Borders.  The sun was out all day.  Things started off at 10am in the towns market square with funfair and market stalls.  Then a parade of the pipe bands along with Scouts, Brownies, Guides etc.  At 11am the local school children re-enacted the coronation.  Then it was music all afternoon until 5pm.

Today in the town square it is churches together then at 12noon we have vintage cars going through the town heading to Thirlstane Castle.

All in all it has been a wonderful weekend.


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Hi Judith,

Sounds like you had a lively time up there !

The Queen is well respected and has good moral principles which I like.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

Best wishes Gill