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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 24 Jun 2022, 09:15

I pass the morning reading my french novel. This included looking up certain words, that are still unfamiliar, using a little dictionary. I copied the new words on my digital notebook. When the sunshine arrived at last, I could go outside in the garden to sit and read. It was good to be in the sunshine! I wondered how my french friend was getting on. We had not met together for some years now since 2015. Maybe I will ring her soon.

I watered the roses growing near the door. I just cut back some sharp brambles fron the footpath, so that I can reach the clothes line, in order to hang the washing. Finding things very tiring recently since Covid.19

After, a lunch of french cheese and crackers also a nice herb pâte with Crackers. Fizzy orange juice to drink for dessert with an apple. All vegetarian of course.

I go to the supermarket to find some cheap brands, as our prime minister advised,  but they didn't have any, so I had to buy a few of the expensive brands.
Otherwise I would have to pay the bus fare, which is too expensive, to go to the nearest city to shop around,  so that would defeat the object!

I Cleaned up all the downstairs rooms,  kitchen, hall, porch, lounge and bathroom. I will clean the upstairs rooms tomorrow.

Time for a walk before the hoards of school children descend upon the park!  Where I live it really is just like a Sleepy Hollow!

It is calm and quiet in the park, with a variety of birds such as woodpigeons, crows, couple of magpies and some smaller birds, chaffinches and goldfinches who had landed on the hedgerows, growing all around the park. I sit on the bench under the trees and I watched  the birds coming and going. 

There used to be a lot more tables and  benches here, but unfortunately looks like they removed all the other benches-  or they have been stolen!
That's a pity because I used to like to come here and sometimes, to eat my lunch at the table, now there is just one solitary bench to sit on.

Never mind I will take a long walk around the park, then finish back at the same bench again to rest. It is quite a large park, about as big as a few football pitches so it takes a while to get round it!

It is surrouded by lovely very ancient trees. There is also an abandoned footpath, running through the wood, but today I will just stick to the foot path inside the park. At this time it is usually quiet,  but about 4pm there will be the usual constant rumbling of rush hour traffic from the dual carriageway located behind the woods, bordering the park.

I looked around the playground area where the swings and roundabouts are, to see if I could pick up any litter, but it seems nice and tidy, especially since the children went back to school !
But wait until the summer hols it will be a different story!

Then I will have to bring my litter picker gadget with me! ( I inherited it from my mother when she died!)

I decide to walk by the long route along  the pretty leafy lane, past the police station, then along church street and passing the theatre,  library and the church, so avoiding the busy market place.


 Finally I turn into my little road behind the church. I think that I  will do a bit of reading again, in between  preparing the family's meal.

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Hi Gill,

I hope you are recovering well. 

Loved the way you  described your day.

Conjures up lovely images of your town . Just what was needed !

Take care.

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Hi Hede,

I am recovering well.

Thank you.