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Reading quietly in a cool room.

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 29 Jun 2022, 13:07

Today it felt like a heat wave.  The weather seems to be getting hotter!
I did my daily housework tasks and sorting out things that needed to be done at home, as well as going to the shops.

I have applied for next term for student loan. I am taking L332 BA degree  in french language and culture. I have to wait about 6 weeks to hear from them. I also have my place reserved. So it is just a matter of waiting now.

My son suffers with his skin condition especially in this weather, he has to use a prescribed dermalogical cream recommended by the doctor. We stay in the cool lounge this afternoon and he was happy to read to himself quietly. We had a good walk yesterday but had to sit in the shade most of the time.

This afternoon I read my novel in french language. It is a detective story by Agatha Christie translated from english into french. The language is not too difficult and is every day language.

 I am getting the gist of it,  because I vaguely seem to remember reading it a long time ago,  but  in english. As always I have my  french/english dictionary beside me, to look up any french words I don't know. The storyline was interesting so I read with great enthusiasm. 

I am now halfway through the book!
Hopefully,  I will be able to understand it all and become familiar with all the words in french. I wish ! 

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