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Reading in the park

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 17 Nov 2023, 03:49

I  read my french novel 'Destins ' by Francois Mauriac.
I am sitting in the shade in my garden,  where there is a slight cool breeze,  it is not as hot as the heatwave of last week, but still very warm.

All around me, I can hear the sounds of people living their lives. It is fairly quiet at the nursing home behind us. During the pandemic a lot of people caught the Covid19 virus. Occasionally the care staff call out "goodbye"  to each other, as they go off after their shifts. 

On the right hand side, is a small allotment, then the church yard and  the vicarage.

To the left hand side of us lives an elderly gentleman very quietly moving about in his kitchen of his bungalow,  making himself a cup of tea. 

Next to him is a young family with children, who are playing in their paddling pool, so lots of loud splashing and happy laughter coming from their garden!

I decide to go with my young son  to the park because it is usually fairly quiet at this time of day. So I can sit and read my book in peace.  There are only a handful of children in the play area, as many families have already gone to the nearby beach. We have taken a small picnic basket with us to the park with a flask of tea as well as some cold drinks.

We have plenty of sandwiches with us,  cream cheese and salmon,  mushroom pâte and herb pâte,  and some salad sandwiches too. Little cubes of cheese which we eat with slices of apple. For the dessert,  it is a little pot of strawberries with a pot of fresh cream.

Now to find a perfect spot for our picnic. Just beneath a fragrant sweet smelling lime tree would be perfect, there we place a soft blanket on the ground. It is a lovely afternoon, sitting in the shade of the lime  trees, watching the birds flying down to pick up the crumbs, brightly coloured fluttering butterfles and beautiful bumblebees, they are visiting the wild flower area just behind us. 

After eating our picnic I open my book and  read another page,  as I sip my lemonade. Soon we will have to head off back home, but first we will have a long slow stroll around the park. What a great staycation we have had!

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