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Following the footpath

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 19 Sept 2022, 14:34

This morning It was much cooler today than it was yesterday. I finished my french book Destins by Francois Mauriac. It was a very good book and I am glad I read it.  I will start another book again tomorrow, from my little collection of French books from the city charity shop.

This afternoon after reading, I went walking up to the park again, I did 2 laps around the park, only a few people (a family) was sitting in the middle of the playing field.

 I began walking at quite a brisk walking pace!  starting at the pavilion I usually go walking right around the perimeter, then finish up back  at the picnic area, beneath the trees. From here I left the park and I walked the footpath, towards Cemetery lane and past the Cemetery. I followed the path along past a farm that has some noisy clucking chickens, that were running around freely!

 I turned here and followed the footpath just a short one, through a wood, then carried straight on, walking through what is usually a lovely meadow of wild flowers. However, they didn't look very good today, but looked rather dry and wilted, as we have not had any significant rainfall here this year, only the odd shower, lasting only a few minutes. The weather has been dry and hot. I truly believe that this has been one of the hottest summers I have ever experienced in this country!

After crossing the meadow, I came to a footpath through the field, this leads to the reservoir or the lake as we (romantically) like to call it!! On the lake is a family of ducks and some moor hens. I walked the whole length of the lake. The water level had receded a bit, but there was still sufficient water in there. The crops are growing well and so far they haven't used the sprinklers on the field yet-  but they may change later? I walked one time around the lake. 

I like it here at this time of the year, when there are plenty of dragonflies and damsel flies to be seen flying around, also lots of birds in the hedgerows. They are eating the bramble berries and other fruits that have fallen down,  like the little plums and crab apples.  I saw a lark just hovering high overhead in the air, over the wheat field,  it was lovely to hear her singing loud and clearly.

 I continued walking back towards the barn, and to the footpath that leads back to the other side of park, on the abandoned footpath. The footpath has actually been cleared now and it was lovely and tidy to walk along.

This footpath leads around the park and back onto a a leafy lane of beautifuul fragrant Lime trees, they hang down very low over the path, so that you feel protected from the heat of the sun, there were plenty of bees on their flowers. A rabbit quickly scampered past, and hopped under a hedge,  Oops, I think I might  have disturbed him!   I then took the path past the nursing home and the short cut leading to the footpath at back of my house. I needed  a nice cup of tea after that walk!

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