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lachsschinken: A kind of cured, salted, smoked ham originally from Bavaria. The name derives from the German lachs  + schinken = ‘salmon ham’, from the bright pink colour of the meat. I found the word from today’s Word watch in The Times and what impressed me was the consonant cluster ‘chssch’ in the middle.

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My grandfather's family came from Bavaria. I really like this kind of food, and I am hungry... 

Patrick Andrews

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The length of words in German is interesting.

My son is studying German at university and recently spent a few months at a university in Bochum and had to write some essays in German.  They were given character limits rather than word limits and he showed us the German expression for "in conclusion" and that took up quite a few of the characters.


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Interesting to have character limits in an essay 😬🤣. The language combines words into one word, that's why some are so long.