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Why do the trees think it's autumn already?

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022, 10:04

Why do the Trees think it's autumn already ?  🌳🍂

I have noticed a lot of leaves falling from the trees already, is this normal in the beginning and middle of August?
I read something about this on the news yesterday.

"From the crunch of the leaves underfoot and the fiery foliage adorning the trees, you might be thinking that autumn has come early.
But experts say this hint of a change in seasons isn't genuine. Instead it is the tell- tale sign of a "false autumn"
They warn the heatwave and drought has pushed the trees into survival mode, with leaves dropping off or changing colour as a result of stress. And some (trees) may end up dying as a result! "

Source:By Helen Briggs
Environment correspondent BBC News


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