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A Gracious and noble Queen !

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 10 Sept 2022, 13:20

I really admired Queen Elizabeth 2nd she was such a gracious, kind and wise lady who represented our country well.  Queen Elizabeth presented herself to other countries as a polite, sympathetic and interested ambassador for our country, always ready to listen to the opinion of others. She was not too political and did not try to influence or interfere too much in the politics of the country but left it to the politicians. No doubt she had her own views and opinions like everyone else but she kept them to herself and concentrated more on her charity work of helping those worthy causes which were very close to her heart. She was much respected and much loved. We will miss her.

God save the Queen!
God Bless the Queen!

God Bless King Charles 3 !

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