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TMA01 Result Received!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 13 Apr 2023, 17:37

I  have received my TMA01 result this week for L332. It was not a high score unfortunately, but I am very happy to be still  keeping up at this high level !
At level three there is bound to be an expected lowering in the score, due to the increased difficulty level, at this advanced stage. I will try not to be phased out by this, but will just continue plodding on, and will try to improve where I can. I will listen, learn  and take note of all of my tutor's feedback.

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Judith McLean

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Hi Gill

Well done, yes level 3 does get rather harder as more is expected from us.

Hoping my grade comes in tomorrow as ready to begin TMA02 but would like to read tutors feedback before I start.


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Hi Jessica, Judith and Jeremy,

Thank you for your encouraging comments.

Best wishes


Revisited and replaced

Hi Gill,

I echo all earlier comments.

You are keeping, keeping on!

I can empathise (recently) TMA 01 (most recent) is my second lowest mark in the part time years since and including 2018. Still 'solid' though! Level 3 and all that, as you say!

My very best to you and yours,