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Homeless in Britain!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 23 Sep 2023, 09:04

Yesterday I found the time at last, between studying and making the meal,  for a quick walk through the village to shop for some basic essentials, at the late night store. It was the early evening, it was cold and damp, most shops were closed for the night and I was walking along the market place with my husband. 

We had just finished a quick shop and were walking back, passing the closed shops which were only semi- lit.  I suddenly noticed some bulky items in a doorway. I mentioned to my husband "look at that, that's funny, they must have left some thing outside the shop after closing" I was thinking perhaps it was part of a display or promotion.

 Puzzled we stopped and went back to see what it was. I shone my torch in the doorway and there was a man asleep with a blanket over him! I gasped.
I then qickly said "Very sorry to disturb you, but are you alright?" but he was completely asleep snoring and he didn't hear me or move at all.

I think this may be our very first ever case of homelessness in my village. I have never before seen this happen, I felt so sad to see this sorry sight.
We went back home and I couldn't help wondering who the man was and what awful circumstances may had led him there. Maybe he was drunk ? or on drugs? Or just missed the last bus home? or in dire povery with nowhere else to go?
Why are there so many homeless people in this country I wonder?

Then I suppose it is not surprising with this financial crisis  we are having and with the country being in a deep recession!

It's not my fault I didn't vote Brexit!

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Judith McLean

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Hi Gill

Yes no homes for British people but 5* hotels for migrants crossing the channel. 

I have no problem with anyone coming here legally. 


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Hi Judith,

The whole country is in a mess!

Best wishes