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Studying and trying to keep warm!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 3 Dec 2022, 12:31

This morning I did all my housework, put the washing on, and took out all the recycling. All this exercise was good and kept me warm! I am now snuggled up with a duvet around me, in my lounge with a hot water bottle underneath my clothes to keep warm.

We have no central heating on in the house (trying to save energy and electricity!)  but I am not too cold at the moment, as the sunshine is streaming through the window.

I am working on my powerpoint presentation,  I keep adapting the narration slightly to keep to the 'theme'  of  "La place des femmes dans le monde du travail"  using the power point. Before long,  the sun will be going in, it will be getting dark and colder later. 

don't want to have to put the lights on too soon.  I will be cooking the meal in the kitchen, with the low lights on and the oven  on, this will keep me warm! Last winter we had a hefty electricity bill so I must be careful this time. I even have a flask of hot tea beside me to sustain me.

The day light is fading fast now, so I will pack up for the day, there's the meal to make and my son to attend to. Husband will be returning home with the shopping I sent him out for earlier. I hope he has remembered everything!

Such is the busy life of the student housewife!


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Hi Gill

We are lucky as have a wood burning stove and plenty of friends who have trees down with the storm last year so no need to buy.

It looks pretty bleak for many this winter and doesn't help that we have a government who doesn't care.



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Hi Judith,

I agree with you there. This government doesn't care  about people suffering from lack of heating, because people dare not use their heaters when the prices are so high!