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Edited by Steven Oliver, Sunday, 29 Jan 2023, 10:25

I've really enjoyed some of the new perspectives that A111 can bring to 'old friends' like A Christmas Carol. A simple one has been to put aspects of the novella in the context of their (possible) settings. The podcast 'The Rest is History' produced a Christmas Carol special in 2020 and sections were recorded at sites that may have featured in the book. I spent time pausing the podcast and looking up locations on Google Maps 'street view' as the story moved up and down Cornhill in the financial hub of modern London. 

This was my final summary image, hopefully next year I'll find some time to visit some of the sites on foot! 

Aerial view of Cornhill area of London, with possible locations for settings within A Christmas Carol

The podcast is available here: https://play.acast.com/s/the-rest-is-history-podcast/132-a-christmas-carol

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Steven Oliver

A tense ending...

The image shows the character Scrooge

This tweet brightened my Christmas, like much on the internet I'm not sure finding an original source will ever be possible! 

As I disappeared down a grammatical rabbit hole I also found reference to the:

'Ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Subjunctive'

'Ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Passive'

Thank goodness they are in fact, 'The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' (aargh... so 'Yet' is an adverb indicating the possibility of the infinitive 'to Come' which is acting as a noun???? help! 😂😂😂)