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F. D. C. Williard was a cat whose scientific papers were published internationally. 

Williard was a Siamese  owned by Jack H. Hetherington. Hetherington wanted to publish some of his work, but discovered that his journal of choice had a policy that papers with single authors must write in the first person singular, "i" , and not research to the author as "we".

This was in 1975 and the task of retyping the manuscripts would have been formidable at that time.So Hetherington decided to add his cat Chester as co-author, under the nom de plume F. D. C. Williard. The paper was published and F. D. C. Williard became quite celebrated, publishing a paper as sole author, and often being mentioned by other scientists in footnote, where they thanked please invaluable contributions to the discussion etc etc.

You can read all about this notable cat here.

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