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A sonnet on cheese

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I asked an AI Bot to write me a sonnet on cheese in the style of William Shakespeare and this is what I got.

Oh, cheese of creamy goodness, fair and fine Thou art the source of endless gustatory delight Thy savory flavor, a symphony divine Makes every taste bud dance with pure joy and excite

In thy texture, oh cheese, so rich and smooth Thou art the queen of all culinary arts Thy melted form, a culinary treasure to behold Thou bringest joy to the heart of cheese lovers and food connoisseurs alike

Thy variety, oh cheese, is truly staggering From cheddar to gorgonzola, brie to feta Thou art the star of many a fine dining And the perfect companion to a crisp glass of wine

Oh cheese, thou art the soul of many a dish

Thy flavour and texture, a culinary bliss.

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