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Christmas in the bleak mid-winter!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 24 Sept 2023, 20:52


The trees in my garden are covered in white sparkling frost,  they look just like  a row of christmas trees !
I am looking out of my kitchen window, drinking a glass of ginger wine and eating a very traditional mince pie. 

This past week just seems like a  crazy dream,  in which I was struggling with my TMA assignment. Now that it is all over I can finally relax. Well just for a while!

 In the kitchen the oven is on, I am baking mince pies and some traditional Christmas cake and pies (Saves spending money in supermarket!) I had most of yhe ingrediants in the cupboard.

Tonights meal is cooking, garlic and herb chicken quorn pieces with Dauphinoise potatoes, carrots, peas, spinach with a little gravy on it is very french!

The house smells very christmassy, with incense burning in the hall and scented candles in the lounge. The baking smells nice and spicy coming from the kitchen oven.

 Keeping heating on for a bit longer now,  but on a lower setting. Then after the meal we will watch a film good on DVD 

Outside it is freezing cold but indoors at home,  it is warm at last, as we settle down to watch a good film. I sigh with relief  because I am so glad that I can (hopefully) still afford to pay my energy bill-  for this time!!!

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