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What will you be studying in 2023?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 24 Dec 2022, 04:05

Keeping several balls in the air I will be returning to professional development as a professional swimming coach - I'm 'poolside' as we say for 15 hours a week, and am working with swimmers who go to County, Regional and National Events.

As well as life drawing I'm now printmaking in the hope that I can cover my costs at least for studio/workshop time and materials. I need stuff I can exhibit and sell.

Which brings me to woods. 18 months in the woods and 9 months returning several times a week to one has me informed, but not knowledgeable enough to contribute to council meetings on land/woodland management. 

And there's always teaching - not online, or 'at a distance', but there in front of students!! 

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