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With my wife Fay at home

Eternity in Our Hearts

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Edited by Jim McCrory, Wednesday, 28 Jun 2023, 19:48

Why is there something rather than nothing? Why do our hearts and minds think on terms of eternity? Why are we still young inside even when we get old?

A wise man once wrote that God has “set eternity in our hearts.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

I find this a very pleasing concept. Think of our brains, we have the capacity to take information into it indefinitely. We grow to love other humans. When out time comes, we never want to leave this planet. We desire to take knowledge in constantly. Is it all for nothing? Or is there something, somewhere in the unseen we do not know of? Many argue that we are bound in a material world, but the lived experience tells a different story.

I often wonder if the Chinese man I spoke about yesterday, found the answer.

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The learning (On all levels) we take with us. All of it. I think it can be accessed in some way when needed. Like a computer. Just many times we don't need it all on the path we walk this time. 

With my wife Fay at home

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Yes, Jessica. We need the whole package.