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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 13 Jan 2023, 16:23

I rather think after 12 years this can come to and end. It has NOT chartered by career progress through Online Learning - nothing much came of it. I rather think the opportunity came and went in 2000 (oh yes), when I initially started an MA in Distance Learning with the OU and I was at a fledgling web agency.

Since then a diagnosis of ADHD and realising that I have to live with the grain of it, rather than try and change means that any full-time job (so called) is out of the question. I can, and will, even prefer to 'work' 60 to 80 hours a week, but need to be juggling four or five contrasting, usually unrelated, non-complementary activities. Don't pin me down, put me at a desk, nail me to a set of tasks ... so Councillor, activitivisit, social media for four organisations (two paid, two volunteer), professional sports coach, life drawing, and now printmaking ... and volunteer work in and on/for a couple of nature reserves. 

Content. Sort of. I could do with another degree but find writing book reviews (WW1 history), and reading WW1 academic papers covers that, while learning French (still with Lingvist after 5 years) and and now Adobe covers this desire to be forever learning. And the five or six books by the bed: creativity, Thomas Paine, Rainforests of the British Isles ... 

I know my trees, am doing well with fungi and am starting to take an interest in lichens. I visit Markstakes Common at least 3 times a week, sometimes every day, for an hour to 90 minutes or longer. As a 'Friend of Markstakes' I am doing volunteer work most Monday mornings. 

I'll call this a day when it gets to 10 million views (unless of course I sign up to another OU course, beginning an OU PhD or get employed by the OU (again) - which seems unlikely. Once bitten, twice shy (for both of us). 

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