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Winter afternoon -A walk to the next village with a friend !

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 14 Aug 2023, 19:55

I have been cooped up for so long indoors studying for my TMA . that I was by now starting to get cabin fever! So today I decided that it was time to get out for a long walk, especially as the weather was not too cold and we seem to be having a bit of a milder spell of weather for the time being.

I never go out very far alone,  so I Phoned my friend S who was having some time off work  this week, so we set off for a walk together,  using the same route that the local ramblers usually take, that cuts across the fields to the next village. She works in the nearby big busy town as receptionist, and is usually quite a good walker,  but  she had been complaining recently that she doesn't get the opportunity for a long walk these 

There we spotted the some signs of spring all around us, like the white snow drops, the daffodil shoots just coming up, some pretty pink crocuses, as well as other flower shoots spriouting  up from the ground. Weather was good for the time of yrar. The promise of spring was just around the corner - although there maybe still a few more cold spells first. We both felt relaxed as we heard lots of birdsong and saw a large flock of birds.

However, we did not sit still for too long, as a cold  wind was blowing. We were hoping to reach the outskirts of the village, and the little country pub before it closed. If lucky we could be in time for a nice cup of hot coffee, while warming ourselves up by the log fire, before tackling the last part of our journey.

Unfortunately, the pub was closed! We had just missed it by few minutes!  So there was nothing more to be done,  but to press on, through the village then turn at the last house. This led to another route, a short cut over the field that would lead us  home.

 Passed by the little old church, this is seldom used these days in this partivular village, as the roof is being repaired,  "I haven't been in a  church since before the pandemic". S  suddenly confessed to me "I still believe in God and read my Bible. I still practise and try to do good where I can. I worship God in my heart"  I nodded "Yes I do too"  I replied.

Finally we approached our village, we saw  that the white smoke, was rising slowly up from chimney pots from houses with log burners or open fires. Following  the footpath, we past by the Co-op which was right in the middle of a field and was bightly lit up, so that it looked like a huge space ship!  

 "I really enjoyed that walk ! lets do it again soon" My friend told me, but she didn't know when she was available  again. "I'll let you know" she called after me as we went our seperate ways. I gave her a thumbs up and I waved back in response. I  felt fully re-energized by that invigorating walk as I walked happily but tiredly, down the road to my house, which was brightly lit up by this time as all the family were at home by now!

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