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A dining table covered in printmaking materials, sketches, vinyl, paper and tools.

I've established myself permanently at the kitchen table. If we eat together it is with stuff pushed to one side or on our knees in front of the TV. Setting up tools and materials for home printmaking requires clobber - a lot of it.

A multi-coloured sketch of a group of oyster mushrooms and the black and white hand print of the same

I am a dozen prints behind the one I want to do. Some are part of a list, such as the Fungi of Markstakes Common.These are modest, and postcard sized. My life model meets tree (Markstakes Woman to go with Markstakes Man) are A3, With some tangling of the brain required this has required cutting out three sheets of vinyl, one for yellow, another for blue and a third for black. How they will turn out is anyone's guess. I made multiple tiny thumbnail mockups to figure it out and never quite resolved it, not least because I see no place for blue, and so don't need to mix it with yellow to create green - I can just use green. This design better lends itself to the 'jigsaw' technique, where each element: the life model, the tree, the fungi, would be a different piece, inked up then assembled before printing.

A work in progress. A copy of my so called 'Markstakes Woman' - a copy of a life drawing sketch standing in front of a tree

I can't really afford it. Though it has been my intention for some time to create enough content to justify a stall/exhibition at this year's Art Wave/Open House. I will have prints galore of mushrooms, of my life models (men and women being tree-like), and maybe something iconic, like Lewes Castle (I have a drawing of the castle in the snow from 12 years ago I worked on extensively at the time, to the point of purchasing a canvas the size of the sofa). I never got the oils out. That really does need space. All to come.

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