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My Robin

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Here's my garden robin, obligingly posing for the camera.

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Hi, he's very round! He is having a look at you. 

Richard Walker

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He thinks I might have some suet nuggets smile

Judith McLean

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Robins are very friendly little things 

Richard Walker

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They are very comfortable around people. Many think that before humans were around here, Robbins had evolved to follow animals like wild boar, that turn over the ground and expose insects. That could be why the Robin follows the Gardener and from that Robins have learned to ask human beings to feed them. Anyway they are pretty smart little birds. 🙂

As usual from you, great photography with an even better narrative

What a great, intelligent looking, healthy, little bird.

I fed the jackdaws (in Buckle's Yard) this morning (just beyond our modest front garden).

'Our robin', from last year, seems to have disappeared. I hope he's OK. There have been two not that long ago. I understand though, that they're pretty territorial, so they might 'gaze' at us, approvingly, but not necessarily at a competitor?!

Great stuff Richard,



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What lovely little robins.It always warms the heart to see them in the garden.

David Grinyer

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🥰 Real nice... It brings the thought of a coming springtime forward...