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Incredible inventions- The Smartphone

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 3 Aug 2023, 18:26

 I have been reading in unit 5 science about the technological inventions of 21st century, like the amazing functions of the smart phone (launched in 2007). It is just like having a mini computer in your pocket it is so versatile.

There are many applications or apps you can use on the smart phone, such as music player, radio, social media, texting, video calls, gaming, camera, phone of course, maps, watch a movie, on line shopping, banking, e-books and the internet. Some people use medical apps to help them to keep a check
on their health.

 A lot of friends keep in touch with each other on face book, Twitter, Whats App and others.
I think there are many benefits of having a smartphone  for keeping in touch with family and friends.

However, you can become too dependant and can experience extreme anxiety if you loose your phone or if you can't remember where you laid it down.

Having a smartphone for me, it has been a life line especially out in a Rural area. I would have to travel 30 miles to the town or city so I can ring home if I miss my bus to say I will be late.

 I can also buy something on line, if it is not available in the shops.because we do not have too many large shops around here so I do not always want to travel to town in the freezing cold winter!

I also keep a lot of my homework from Uni on the smartphone, including essays and important documents and notes!

On the whole I think I use my Smartphone more often than I use the computer!

Do you agree? or do you think it is a mixed blessing or a nuisance?

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Nicky Van Tol-Williams

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Well, I think a mixed blessing! 

For a few years now I've had a recurring dream that I'm in an unknown location searching desperately for means of transport to get back home. I'm rummaging feverishly though my handbag to retrieve my phone to get in touch with someone important - usually my husband. All I keep finding are objects which vaguely resemble phones but keep turning out not to be mine, and won't respond to my desperate swipes. I always wake up from this dreadful nightmare relieved that I haven't lost my 'life' 🤪... I mean honestly, how did I get to this place?!

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Hi Nicky,

lol! I know exactly what you mean!

Best wishes