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Science section- What are the benefits of space travel?

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 30 Mar 2023, 10:13

•  Substances like Helium 3 on the moon, which would be very important for the medical services could be extracted from the moon.

• Helium used in MRI scanning machines used in hospitals and health centres to produce images.  and Important in diagnosis of cancer, cystic fibrosis, COPD, emphysema and asthma. treatments.

°  Helium or other substances can be used as alternative form of energy. (There is Helium on the moon in abundance.)

•For heating and energy purposes such as moon-resources-and-nuclear-power.

Alternative energies from other resources in space.

• Protecting our planet and our environment. Climate change solutions.

• Creating scientific and technical jobs.. Jobs in Sciences, research, energ
• Enhancing safety on Earth. Observing earth from space watching for any threats to earth's security.

° Education- To understand planets and more about space.

• Cooperating with other countries around the world.

• Finding about climate change change and observing climate patterns in space.

• It Will Lead to More Great Inventions.As we learn about how to travel in space and ways to look at the geography of planets.

• It's Important for National Security. To observe any threats from objects outside of the earth.

• We Need Raw Materials From Space.Nations Can All Work Together Peacefully.

• However care must also be taken there is a great risk of space pollution !

Ref- Wikipedia,Google, Unit 5 science (2022) L332 section 2 Open University.

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