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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 25 Jul 2023, 20:02

I am so lucky that in my village we still have a library. In other villages the library has closed down forever, which is very sad.

I often enjoy going into the library, especially in the winter time because it is warm inside. I sometimes go with my son if he feels well enough to go.

There are plenty of books there suitable for all age groups and there is a  telephone that links you directly to the city central library, from there you can order any book you want to so long as you know the title and name of the author.

The people in my village all fought hard to keep this library open. I am so glad because it is such a valuable resource.

 I have often borrowed books from there to read for my course, to have some more background information for my studies. It is a community hub and people meet there, so it is good for the mental health too. I think libraries are great places!

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