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Carol Vorderman absolutely eviscerates the Tories in immense Select Committee hearing

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Today, I wanted to write about a short, but yet important post about the menopause. 

As a woman who started to have the signs of menopause at an early age, I feel very concerned by the Tories lack of compassion toward women like me. 

First, I must mention that the menopause is not a biological step in a woman's life with an aspect of one size fits all. Personally, I did not know about the menopause when I started the process of going through it because only a few of my family members openly talked about it. Even my mother did not share much about it. 

Second, I did not know about the implications on ones mental health and the potentially debilitating effects that some women can experience when going through it. 

It is a very hard state to be in, because your body changes. Those changes have nothing to do with how much you eat, how often you exercise or other elements which are promoted in the mainstream media as signs of health or wealth, for that matter. 

So would it be too much to ask people to just listen to those who have the experience of going through the menopause? If only, I had that conversation at school, much like sexual education or sport, I would have prepared myself mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Indeed, the depression is real, the hot flushes, the same goes for the skin, hair and nails constitution shift. And when one do not know that there is a hormonal reconfiguration the only appropriate words that came to my mind is LOST!   

So if you want to know more, please have a watch at 

Carol Vorderman absolutely eviscerates the Tories in immense Select Committee hearing

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-xDjvo6RMI&ab_channel=PoliticsJOE


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