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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 26 July 2023, 07:48

This Science unit has been fascinating for me.There is so much in there to learn and explore, that it has kept me up at night, as I set about doing my own research on the internet.   ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸ’ŧ
Space exploration, Artificial Inteligence, computers, smartphone, genetic research, climate change, biotechnology,  genetically modified organism, foods.ðŸ…ðŸŒ―
There was so much to read up about. I think the family think I have gone bonkers! With Dictionaries, 📚📙📘📖 encyclopedias library books and scientific books spread all over the table.  They look at each other in disbelief and shake their heads!
"I thought you were studying french" they say. I shrug my shoulders and say "so did I!" I laughed.


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