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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 7 Oct 2023, 22:31

I have submitted my final EMA assignment earlier than I had intended to.I should have really checked it again one more time but I had a panic attack and sent it off!

I hope I did everything right that I should have done.
Well it is too late now I have submitted it! 

I have completed it and I did my best, but in the end I had to submit it because family caring commitments were starting to impede upon my studies! 

Good Luck to everyonetaking their EMAs!  👍

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Joanne Simpson

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I finished mine for T220 yesterday, and teetered on submitting it for hours before finally just hitting send.  I could've waited a week to the cut-off, but the longer I waited the more I thought about it.

Good luck with your results - hope we all get what we hope for!

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Thank you Joanne. I wish you every success with your studies.


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Good luck to you both!  Will be submitting my EMA in the next few days.

Judith McLean

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Hi Gill

Well done on getting your EMA finished. Great feeling when you hit submit 😊


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Thanks I feel much better now !

Lets hope we all do well!