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No Mow May!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 13 Aug 2023, 18:32

I was very pleased to see that "No Mow May" was being put into practise in my neighbourhood last month and It was a big success! Well done to our local councils!  and to everyone in our local communities who remembered to leave their grass to grow long! 

 It was well needed after a cold start to the spring, it gives the insect population a chance to grow, to thrive and so to provide a well balanced regeneration of the ecosystem.  I know it is tempting to cut the grass and keep the garden tidy,  but I just think of the environment and how much it will benefit from being allowed to regenerate and thrive for a month!  

I hope every year people will remember to observe this very important month and leave their grass to grow for the sake of the environments in which we are living.

Already nature is benefitting from this important action, as we see more butterflies and other insects,  also more birds are appearing in the neighbourhoods and the nearby parks. Please lets keep up the good work!


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