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Levels of Teaching

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The slur ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t teach' seems to have been originated with George Bernard Shaw in his play Man and Superman. Personally I’ve done lots of jobs and I learned something from them all.

Hospital porter
Off licence
Menswear shop
Die cast foundry
Computer (originally computers were people who did calculations)
Clerical worker (Inland Revenue, motor insurance)
Factory odd jobs
Building materials research

Anyway I digress. At the pub tonight a wiseacre came up with the old ‘Those that can etc.’ and that reminded me that back when IT was first making its way into schools I once had a job where I was teaching people who were going off to teach teachers how to teach IT. 

This reminded me of a little verse:

No teacher I of kids, or smaller fry,
No teacher I of teachers, no, not I.
Mine was the distant aim, the longer reach,
To teach folk how to teach folk how to teach.

(Adapted from A B Ramsay)
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