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And so it trickles to an end

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Once upon a time I wrote a daily diary (I had just turned 13); I kept that up for the best part of twenty years. Then after a ten year gap the internet came along and from September 1999 I kept a blog. All of this merged into this student diary for a period. Surely not in September 2001 when I started my OU MA? It was another ten years before I got properly stuck into this, completed the MA ODE, and a few extra modules, then onwards in, around, 'online learning', which of course isn't really defined as anything separate from learning itself - materials online in their various guises, are as common place, indeed have even replaced books. And maybe pen and ink have gone too?
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Copyright Alec Severin, 2004.

Never worry

In my experience, as technology moves on, we utilise it. Why not?

There's nothing wrong with 'preserving' old skills and habits, but this doesn't stop us integrating it with the new.

As an illustrator long ago, I was trained and employed for using pen and ink. It was when computer design was just becoming available on mainstream, and although I gave it a go, I just couldn't "use my hand" with it. I still sketch, and doodle, by hand but while I admire those who use computers to create illustrations that are way beyond my ability, it's admiration and not sadness or envy.

The biggest problem with the present is you cannot return to the past, so you might as well embrace it.