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How to create shade in a linocut

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A piece of lino divided into four to try different cutting techniques, on the dining room table with our dog

I can draw a horse, I've been drawing naked people for the last seven years. Horses have their individual character, the same number of limbs and larger musculature ... they don't keep still unless they are eating which is problematic. I've been trying to capture my sister's horses - she has four: two horses, a pony and a shetland. I will have this wrong, but lets say there are two big ones, a medium sized one a Tiny Turner who is either a Shetland or a miniature Shetland.

My goal is to add them to a landscape featuring one of their grand ancient beech trees. I've referenced Thomas Bewick, but haven't the skill or storytelling talent yet to do a miniature episode of the Archers in a woodcut. I've also referenced Arthur Rackham, but mostly I'm just following videos on youTube and taking advice from the my tutor at Bip-Art.

This was/is the dining room/sitting room. I'm the only one at home, it is raining, so everything I am up to has come in doors.

There are four images of Warrior, each one I am trying, for the eight or ninth time, to capture in a black monoprint using different techniques: the cut, wiping ink from the lino and using a mat. To date what I do is paint over the ghost print, but this makes multiple test images of an edition of 1. 

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