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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 23 Nov 2023, 16:26

Finished studying french for my last module french L332, Now whenever I come across an unfamiliar word in french I look it up immediately in my french/english dictionary or on google translate.
•  Watched the News in french I have watched France24 a news channel you can access it online for free.
I also read le monde and le figaro newspapers online. Now I have finished all my french modules but I am still regularly reading, watching the news in french online which I find very interesting.

Read books in french. I have collected quite a few books from the book shop in the nearest city to where I live. The prices are quite reasonable (2nd hand) If I am really lucky I can even obtain a nearly new copy which is in excellent condition. I also return books that I have finished reading.
I have read the following in french ;

• Jules Verne- Voyage au centre de la terre( voyage to the centre of the earth)

• Victor Hugo - " les miserables,"                  

• "le Bossu de Notre Dame"(the hunchback of Notredam.
• The Poems of Victor Hugo.                 "Madame Bovary"by Flaubert.            •"Germinal" and "Nana"  by Emile Zola.              •"Le petit prince" Novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

• Honoré de Balzac- "Comedie Humaine"  •Marcel Proust- "Swanns way"                 

•"L'étranger" by Albert Camus

•Poems de Baudlaire.

Also read books by these authors;

• Simone de Beauvoire
Collette.                •Philipe Sollers,  •Salinger 

• And many of the books from the "Maigret" french detective series by George Simenon of which I am totally addicted to!!

Now Watching films in french Some fims I have liked to watch are; Les miserables, Germinal "Manon des Sources" and others like  "Amelie"  "Cafe de Flore"  "Paris Je T' Aime"

"Le regle du jeu"  "Jean de Florette"  " Three colours blue"
"La Vie en Rose", "La Haine," "An Andalusian Dog," The 400 Blows" and "The untouchables"     "Portrait of a lady on fire " (2019)I intend to watch all these films just again to make sure I can understand them.

The TV seies "Paris Police 1905"

The detective films like "Maigret" and "Spiral"
And many of the books by french authors that have been adapted for film.
I have also being watching some of the latest modern french films that have been shown on TV. Using the subtitles in english until I become more proficient in understanding french.

Each day I try to keep to studying one or more of these three mediums including online websites each day to try to  keep my french skills polished and up to scratch!

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Steven McDonald

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Hi Gill,

Something I found helpful when learning Dutch was to follow social media accounts that post in Dutch. That tends to get more exposure to modern colloquialisms than the more formal and/or prepared language often used in news, books and movies. Just an idea!


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Thank you Steven I will look into that possibility.

Best wishes