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Death’s hard to bear.
It feels cruel.
Not fair.

Grief is lonely.

Dad was a good man.
Loved by many.

Lots of different people
attended his funeral.
His life affected them all.
It was beautiful.

The world feels a lesser place
Now he has gone.
Just isn’t the same.
Feels wrong.

He made things better.

Why did he have to die?

Dependent origination.
That’s why.

I’ve read that the wise do not grieve.
But still the tears fall.
Perhaps that means
I am not wise at all.

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Hi Richie,

Sorry for your loss. At the moment it is too soon and your feelings are still raw. Your dad will always be with you and is part of you, you will experience his presence in unexpected ways. I went through  bereavement too. You sometimes think to yourself what would your dad would have thought about this or that situation. Your parents still influence you long after they are gone. You'll be surprised !

Best wishes Gill


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Thanks Gill 🙏