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I was thinking of this Japanese word, Omotenashi

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Edited by Jim McCrory, Sunday, 8 Oct 2023, 13:21

Now, I was thinking of this Japanese word, Omotenashi and I’d like your opinion. I was in the Philippines some years ago and one day, a tricycle driver rode us to town. When we reached the destination, he invited us to his home that Saturday. Now that was a first for me. Can you imagine the Western taxi driver doing that? I'm sure some would, but I haven't experienced it.

Anyway, we went to his home which was no more than a corrugated metal shack with a few farm animals. Chicken was on the menu. I was moved by this hospitality and then overwhelmed when I discovered the family killed their only chicken to give us the meal that Saturday.

But you know this? Hospitality is not the correct word for this. I think what they did ran much deeper, because I invited them to a restaurant a few days later, but they were not having it. None of this quid-pro-quo on their part. It was entirely unconditional love. And I think we should get a hold of this omotenashi word. It's a good word for we Westerners who have slipped far behind our Asian neighbours on this matter of omotenashi. What do you think?

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