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Walking through fields!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 22 Feb 2024, 10:56

Appreciating Nature.

There is nothing better than having a lovely long country walk at the weekend, it is incredibly good for your mental well being as well as your physical health.

I usually like to plan a walk in advance, so I take a map of the area that I want to walk,  and my friend S and I we plan the route ahead that we will take. However, if we know the route pretty well we will just walk it, follow the designated footpaths and occasionally we will discover a new footpath,  but mainly it is the old familiar footpaths that we have already travelled upon and have enjoyed in the past.

Today was a sun drenched Saturday,  but with some nice fresh cool breezes. We decided today to walk across the sunny fields  to the next village through wheat fields, vege fields and green meadows , where cattle were grazing near to the little old chapel. There we stayed and rested indoors a few moments in the cool chapel.

When we left the chapel we crossed over the now quiet main road, to the footpath. Followed the footpath down hill, down past a grassy green field, where there were some lovely horses grazing peacefully, there was a beautiful little biscuit-  coloured shetland pony, a piebald horse,  a white horse and a Chestnut mare.  

Further on we came upon a small wooden foot bridge, over a flowing stream, here we sat down on the wooden bridge to rest, with our legs dangling over the edge. The stream was running quite fast as it had been raining recently

 After resting a while we walked again, this time through a lovely ancient cool wood, which contained a variety of tall trees, found a place to sit, a low but strong heavy branch, where we sat and drank a ice cold sweet fruit tea, while  looking out across the fields that we had previously been walking through, bathed in sunshine.

It was cool in the woods away from the heat of the day. I closed my eyes and could feel myself breathing in the fresher oxygen from the trees, it was so refreshing and restorative! especially after the heat we had endured, while walking in the hot fields .We both wished that could have stayed for ages in that wood it was so calm, cool, quiet and relaxing. The smell of the wood and damp earth was quite intoxicating!

Eventually we began wending our way back again through wheat fields,  that had only been harvested a few days earlier , so they still smelt fresh and sweet and had large circular hay bales standing dotted about in the field. The sun was still shining brightly, but starting to slowly sink quite low now in the sky, as the sun was almost getting ready to set. On reaching the cross roads my friend and I we hugged each other, parted, and went our own seperate ways home. It had been a  wonderful walk!


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Hello Gillian,  I enjoyed reading about your walk in nature.   Thank you.  

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Thank you Jeanette for your comment.

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