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The Scandal of Shrinkflation!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 31 Jan 2024, 19:05

Have you ever opened a packet of food lately and noticed that the portions are much smaller?

The other day I opened my usual brand of kitchen roll and it has become much thinner, so much thinner,  that when I tried to mop up a small spill the paper completely fell into pieces!

My deodrant is now in a narrower can, there's less biscuits in the biscuit packet,  less in the cereals, smaller portions, it is getting ridiculous, what's going on?

There is shrinkflation everywhere! but apparently it is also happening abroad too. In France 'Carrefour'  have been the first supermarket to shout it out. They are now informing the public about this issue and naming and shaming the offenders!

The food manufacturers that are cutting corners, that are chopping bits off soaps, taking crisps out of packets, scrimping on sizes of cans etc. They should be ashamed of themselves treating their loyal customers like this.

The quality and the quantity is falling and the sizes are shrinking!
They do all that but the prices still seem to be going up and not to be coming down!!!

So how is it then that we are getting less from a product and yet we are still having to pay more?

That's the injustice of the capitalist system!

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Mike Beard

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Hi Gill

Quite agree, there has been a lot that has shrunk lately ( unfortunately not including me ha ha ), I have noticed major drops in the amount of crisps, sweets, meat and other items in packets

The stupidly ridiculous thing about it is as you said, amount of product going down but price still going up irrespective of what anybody says about it, a prime example being the recent increases in vehicle fuel prices when the government contradicted complaints about these and said vehicle fuel prices were going down.

It makes me wonder sometimes how much more nonsense the Houses of Parliament think the UK people can take before we all stand up to them and say no, we will not comply and because of all the constant contradictory nonsense it doesn't surprise me that a lot of uk people whether born here or not, end up turning round and saying they've had enough and pack their belongings and leave the country and to be honest, I absolutely don't blame those who do make that choice because I myself have been contemplating that decision too.

Hope you are all well.

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Hi Mike,

Yes, they must think we are all stupid people and that we don't notice these things. That we the people are getting less for our money while all the same time the cost of living is going up.

I feel angry about it but there is nothing I can do except vote in the next election.

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Best wishes to you 🙂

With my wife Fay at home

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My wife is Asian. We have a rice cooker and we buy joints of meat, cut the meat into thin strips and stir fry. Two thirds veg, one third meat.

It's a cheaper way to eat. Stir frying limits cooking. No packer sauces, just a good soy (lee Kum Kee) and garlic. Marinade meat a few hours before stir frying. Simples. M and S meat is the best we feel.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the tip I love Asian cooking! Will try that one with veges as I am mostly vegetarian. Stir frying is great way to save on electricity!

All best wishes