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Cats Owners Brainier, Scientists Say

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Well they didn't say that exactly, but in a study it was found that homes in which someone had a degree were more likely to have a cat.

Has this any connection with the suggestion some time back that Apple = cat lovers vs. Microsoft = dog lovers?

Here are some lynx



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As a matter of interest, my friend's family has a dog and has, as far as I know, never had a cat. The dad is a professor who teaches computer science at Birmingham University, the mum trained as an architect but currently works in a college library, the oldest daughter has, I believe, just obtained a PhD in microbiology, the middle daughter is currently in her second year at Aberystwyth University and the youngest is studying art at Falmouth University. They use Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows. My friend in Germany is a photographer although he studied law and political science at university. He had dogs and he uses Windows.