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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 26 Feb 2024, 20:56

This last Year I have:-

• passed languages and cultures- level3▪︎ 

• I  already Passed - level 3 in english language module.

• Passed - level 3 in french language module.
• Read several books in french and understood about 3/4 of it.
• Watched movies in french without the subtitles. Understood about 3/4 of it.
• Was able to speak in french to my french friend over the phone.
• wrote on a french blog
•  Taught my english friend basic beginners french.
•  Wrote on an english blog
•  Wrote essays in french
• Took part on a mixed language forum.
•  Joined the Choir
•  Played a musical instrument within a small group setting.
• Improved on my computer skills
• Volunteered  in the library

° Finally finished knitting a colourful blanket from odd balls of wool.
• Took part in my local village tidy up.

• Managed a few good long country walks 

• Befriended a lovely family from another country who are living in my village.

It has been a busy but eventful year!


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I speak Swedish. I learned it in the 1994 to 96 era. I think to have a conversation with a native is a great accomplishment. Well done, Gill.

I am losing much of my Swedish, but we're possible, I watch Swedish movies. Besides, I love the depth in their movies.


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By the way, I recommend My Life as a Courgette. Its a great French Children's movie. There is a great line when the child tells the psychologist, "my mother drinks a lot of beer, but she makes good mashed potatoes."

There is a sweetness but sadness in the statement.

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Thank you Jim.God Bless.