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Comfort Cat! 🐱

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 28 Jan 2024, 16:14

I believe catare very good for my mental health!
You never feel alone when your cat is curled up beside you. Each morning when I get up at 8am, my cat is there waiting to be let indoors. 

I let him in and make a great fuss of him, then I feed him. After that, he likes to sit next to me on the sofa, he purrs a lot, he looks at me, then he closes his eyes and settles down to sleep, right there beside me.

When he is deeply asleep, I sometimes put a soft cushion or a hot water bottle, with my scarf wrapped round it in my place.

 Then I can move about and get on with doing a few tasks that need doing, like my studying,  reading, listen to audios and typing notes up into my digital note book.

Sometimes, I can hear my cat snoring next to me!  He looks very relaxed and peaceful, stretched out, lying there,  I know he will be there with me the whole morning or even longer depending on the weather.

 It may be raining outside, but I have my little fire on,  and my little cat for company!

🐈🏠🌧 🌧 🌬

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He sounds very sweet and loving!   smile

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Thanks Alison, 

Yes he is and it's funny but they seem to sense it when you are poorly and they will come closer to you. I expect you have found it the same with your little dogs. Hope your little dog is keeping well at the moment.

Best wishes


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Yes, Toka is a sensitive little soul.   

He's doing fine thank you.  Yesterday he used a box to jump onto and then onto the sofa from there and snuggled up to Ian!  We got the platform back out that he used to use to jump from onto the sofa or the bed which he'd not used since his stroke in November.  Lovely to see that confidence come back.  smile 

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Glad to hear Toka is getting better and gaining confidence again. All best wishes.