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This is OU Land.

Does this mean anything?

There are 350,000 registered OU students.

How many appear here?

Less than 0.5%

How many are active here? Less than 0.005%


Isn't it obvious.

The platform is five years behind the commercial alternative. This platform should be a roller-coaster of inventive thinking and debate ... it should be ahead of the garbage that is 'social networking.'

If 'Education social networking' is ever going to exist this is the place for it to happen.

The OU is feeding hungry minds into the e-hungry sales profile of others.



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At full blast.....


Facebook, and it's like, should be banned from the Open University. No moderation, no control. I have seen things going on that would not be allowed, and should not be allowed.

Just my thought's.


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I think you have a point

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Good thing about this old-fashioned system, your info is not fed into marketing chutes and there are no adverts.