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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 14 Sept 2010, 15:41

Working with a number of other blogs one thing that strikes me that has to be of enormous worth by committing to the OU platform is the lack of spam.

This may be a basic set up, but it is good at the thing that matters most - permitting the generation of and sharing of content.

Without adverts popping up, spam (deviously written to look like a genuine comment you will find) and the impression that the provider really does want you to upgrade.

What matters in a learning environment are the comments of one or two, perhaps regular readers ... whose blogs you read too.

(whether ot not you care to say 'hi' or comment)

You do not need a presence on a commercial website with a readership of millions to share your OU learning experience. In any case, you'll be lost like a needle in a stack of needles.

Content should be King.

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Spam fritters

Glorious war-time delicacy and as sooon as real food was available it disappeared.

 I have changed my response to anything spammy to ignore, worked at the Pyramids in Egypt whre the locals want to sell you a carpet or coffee set. Even better on those cold callers phoning about double glazing, leave the phone on while you prepare your dinner. The caller can hear noises off but cannot communicate.

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I totally agree that the benefits of an educational blog are the comments made by others as this can lead to futher reflection by the blogger.
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Comment slots are a missed opportunity. Thoughts coallesce as a result of what others think. You form an opinion. I develop my learning in two ways through comments: the convincing, credible correction or argument on the one hand and the weight of numbers on the other ... sometimes playing Devil's Advocate, holding out until the Truth has smacked me in the face a few times and I move on.